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Vision 2020 References and Research

for Education and Economic Development in the State of Utah




The Governor's Education Excellence Commission (GEEC) has developed the following vision for Utah's Public and Higher Education:


By 2020 and thereafter, at least 66% of Utahns ages 20 to 64 will have a  postsecondary degree or certificate, ensuring a well-educated citizenry and workforce that qualitatively and quantitatively meet the needs of Utah employers, which will lead to greater economic prosperity and a better quality of life for all Utahns. 


To make this vision a reality, GEEC has developed a 10-year action plan (.pdf)  The initial steps in the 10-year plan are contained in GEEC's 8 proposals for the 2011 Legislative Session. (.pdf)  Below is reference and research material that supports and gives validity to the vision, and the steps initiated to accomplish it.



References and Research